Renovated four floors, the HVAC system, in the North Tower

Bethesda North Hospital

Installed CT scanner chiller. Renovated X-ray room for expanded scanner capabilities.


Avon Products

Installed (4) 750 ton chillers in place of (3) absorbtion chillers.  Installed 69KV Electrical yard to power chillers.  This was all design/build work.  The payback on this job was 3.2 years.


Dixie Terminal

A design build project in a 10 story building that was built in 1922.  The payback was 2.5 years on the digital control system.


 3 East 4th Street

A multitude of design/build replacement projects with direct digital controls


Urban Active – West Chester

Just one of a dozen fitness centers that we have built for Urban Active.


Renovated the HVAC systems on 10 floors.  Installed 200 ton dedicated outdoor air system for increased employee Occupancy

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy

Installed all HVAC systems in new building and additions for private school.

Borcherding Buick

One of our many (50+) design/build automobile dealerships in the tri-state area.

All Saints Church

One of our church design/build jobs working closely with Arch net for energy efficient systems.

Performance Lexus

A state of the art automobile dealership with active HVAC energy management controls.


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